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 Class builds

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PostSubject: Class builds   Tue Jul 22, 2008 7:44 am

In Perfect World there is a total of 4 Stats; Strength, dexterity, constitution and intelligence.

- increase attack power for melee weapon
- increase physical defense

- increase attack power for range weapon
- increase dodge
- increase accuracy
- increase critical rating (NOTE: every 20 dex give you 1% more critical rating)

- increase physical defense
- increase magical defense
- increase hp
- increase hp regeneration rate (NOTE: hp regeneration is reduced by 75% when in combat mode)

- increase magical attack power
- increase magical defense
- increase maximum mana
- increase mana regeneration rate (NOTE: Mana regeneration is reduced by 75% when in combat mode)

NOTE: There is no stats that increase attack speed/movement speed.


Human Warrior:
Spear Warrior: every uneven level: +3 str/+1 agi/+1 con, every even level: +2 str/+1 agi/+2 con, *every 10th level after level 20: +2 str/+2 agi/+1 con
Axe/Hammer Warrior: every uneven level: +3 str/+2 con, every even level: +3 str/+1 agi/+1 con, *every x9 level: +4 str/+1 con
*every 10th level: +3 str/+2 agi
Sword/Blade Warrior: every uneven level: +3 str/+2 agi, every even level: +2 str/+2 agi/+1 con, *if level is a multiple of 3: +1 agi/+1 con instead
Claw/Fist Warrior:
every uneven level: +3 str/+2 agi, every even level: +2 str/+2 agi/+1 con

Melee class:
Can use 1 handed weapons, 2 handed weapons and gloves.

- Low magic defense
- Is not as good in tanking as a Werebeast
- Is slow in air, therefor pvp/pk in air not a good idea

- Good in pvp and pk
- Good physical defense
- Good melee attacks
- Is seen as a lurer
- Has the skill to run really fast

Human Mage:
Nuker: Every 2 levels 9 int, 1 str
Hybrid: Every 2 levels 8 int, 1 str, 1 con or 6 int, 1 str, 3 con
Light Armor: Every 2 levels 6 int, 2 str, 2 agi
Heavy Armor: Every 2 levels 6 int, 3 str, 1 agi
Con build: Every 2 levels 3-6 int, 3-7 cons, 0-1 str

Ranged class:
Uses magic weapons.

- Low HP
- Are weak against physical attacks
- Lose fights to EPs
- Are slow casters

- High magic attack, highest damage output of all classes
- Is together with EA's seen as DD (Damage Dealer)
- Can heal, but healing skill goes slow and is less effective as an EP
- Has best magic defense
- Uses element shields to protect themselves from elemental damage
- Good backstabber against low magic defense enemies

Wing Elf Archer:
Pure: 1 str, 4 agi
Half hybrid: 1st level 1 str, 4 agi, every 2d level 1 str, 3 agi, 1 con
Hybrid: 1 str, 3 agi, 1 con

Ranged class:
Uses bows, crossbows and slingshots (need arrows and bolts).

- Low Physical defense
- Expensive (need arrows/bolts, potions and good gear)
- In air the damage output is lower
- When melee damage output is lower
- Low HP
- Flying with starters wings drains MP, because archers don't need intelligence as stat

- Does high damage from a distance
- Is seen together with the MG as a DD (Damage Dealer)
- Because agility is high their dodge- and their critical rate is very high as well as their accuracy
- Does fast decent physical attacks
- Good in backstabbing (pk"ing) enemies with low physical defense

Wing Elf Priest:
Full Support: 2 con, 3 int (con max between 75-100), put str when needed
Attack Support: 1 con, 4 int or 2 con, 3 int (con max 100), put str when needed
Full Attack: 5 int or 1 con, 4 int (con max 50), put str when needed

Ranged class:
Uses magic weapons.

- Low physical defense
- Low HP
- Weak against physical attacks
- Has most skills/spells
- Everyone will ask you for revive and healing

- Able to heal themself and others very well
- Because of the high intelligence their mana doesn't get noticable drained when using starting wings
- Are able to buff people with strong spells
- Always wanted in parties and guilds
- Are able to revive people

Beastkind Werebeast:
Damage Dealer: 1 con, 3 agi, 1 str
Boulder: 2 con, 2 agi, 1 str
Hybrid: 1 con, 2 agi, 2 str

Melee class:
Uses pole axes, sledge hammers, duel hatchets, duel hammers.

- Slow attack speed
- Low magical defense
- Always asked to be tank
- Low MP and MP recover speed
- can only be played as a male

- Have high HP
- Is seen as a tank
- Has high HP recovery rate
- good physical defense
- Tiger from gives even more HP and physical defense
- Fast runner in tiger form
- Has skills to keep the agro from mobs

Beastkind Werefox:
Mage:every uneven level 1 con, 4 int, every even level 1 con, 1 str, 3 int
Light Armor: 1 agi, 1 str, 3 int
Heavy Battle Fox: 2 str, 1 agi, 2 con (max con 100, max agi 80 (and max int 80))
Hybrid Mage: 1 str, 1 con, 3 int (max con and agi 40)
Dual Armor Hybrid: every uneven level 2 str, 3 int, every even level 2 str, 2 int and 1 agi (max agi 40)

Uses magic weapons.

- Can only be played as a female
- Need to level their pets
- When pet dies the agro of mob goes to you
- Less often asked to join in dungeon parties

- Best class for solo playing
- Cheap class to play
- Have their own personal tank (the pet)
- Can be really rich
- Able to lure a single mob by attacking and then dismissing pet and only the mob you attacked will come to you and then you resummon the pet
- Fox form makes it able for a Werefox to melee
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Class builds
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