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 Puni post : Holy hall (HH) challenge~! know thy objective~

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PostSubject: Puni post : Holy hall (HH) challenge~! know thy objective~   Thu Nov 13, 2008 6:05 pm

Welcome to another episode of Puni post. This guide is to help u guys to know ur objectives inside of HH. Entering Holy hall has no lv req, however it is recommended that u should be at least lv60.

Starting off, the basics of HH. People visit HH because

They have quest inside HH
They want to hunt for mats dropped by the bosses there
They wan to farm the mats and sell off for money
Its fun ( with the correct parties >.> )

What u DO NOT WANT in HH parties
- laggy tanker/ EP
- EPs that cannot aoe heal (zhen)
- Idiot WB that does not know how to rush
- Idiot WB that tanks in human beast mode
- DC kings/queens
- Idiot WF that doesnt know how to lure


U tank, duh. You will be leading rush and tanking EVERY boss and mob in HH. WB must have bite skill which takes aggro in 1 hit and tank in tiger mode. WBs will move first, and die first or second (either u die tanking or the EP poops first >.>). While rushing, make sure all party members are ready b4 doing so. U MUST know the way around HH. If u do not know how to rush or the way around HH, check youtube for guides. ( will post link if I find first )

Ur role will be supplying the WB vigor with the vigor switch skill while WB is tanking bosses. You must also know how to lure one mob at a time. While bossing, turn off the pet skills that will allow pet to take aggro. Use bramble* on WB and start whacking teh boss.
*( while bramble skill is very useful, try not to cast it on everyone other than WB, especially EP's, from what ive learnt, having bramble will keep aggro since everytime a mob hits u, u will automatically hit back,hence the 8 second aggro will not end and u'll keep getting chased. Use only while bossing and dont use it during rush. )

Ur only wanted for defence buff, so remember to buff ! If WB aggros more than a mob, u should help take aggro. Keep urself around EPs and guard them, if they die, u probably will too.

Just buff what u can buff and blast them all with magic. Simple and easy.

Bring at least 4k worth of weapon ammo. Upgrade sharptooth to max lv possible and use it for first hit to cut down bosses hp. Use your speed buff at rush areas. Shoot for the rest of the time but make sure u do not crit too much till u take aggro.

Do I even have to say? EPs have to be abit selfish, its always you first and everyone else later. DO NOT DIE AT ALL COST. Heal the WB with whisht 4 times before WB goes to tank the boss, if u feel that WB is unable to tank ( WBs hp is steadily decreasing and not increasing at all ) then force logout ( cut ur computers power supply or reboot computer ). U MUST LIVE, cause if u die, then everyone else probably will. Use whisht heart and sapience pour to heal and zhen when needed. Chromatic healing beam also works well if ur lv and heal is high enough.

HH modes
HH solo mode -- requires u to give 1 thougate wood to activate ( easier mobs, lower drop rate )
HH team mode can be split to 3 HH 1- ? ; HH 2- ? ; HH 3- ? ( ? is replaced by 1,2 or 3)
HH 1- ? is again split to 1-1, 1-2 and 1-3, same thing goes for 2-? And 3-? .
HH BUG mode Available only in HH 1-2 and 1-3. More bosses are added (to activate this mode, just before confirming everything to open Doors to start HH, the WF lures the golem mob thru the HH Gate. Kill the mob and bug mode will activate.

HH 1-1

HH 1-1 requires nothing except for a party of 60s+ to complete. There are only 2 bosses in 1-1. Drops of bosses are lv60 green mats. The valuables u can get in there are

Mirage stone -- 30-40k
Colossus blade current price of about 200-250k ** dropped by colossus
Smashed tambour current price of about 250 350k dropped by drum god

***Recommended party 1 WB as tank, level 65++ with decent equips, 2 EPs 60++ (at least one must have mp heiro to open party heal skill (zhen), the other for backup ) 1 WF for luring purposes, WF must know how to lure, DDs mage/archer/warrior

**min price is for quick selling, high price sells slow
*** possible to be done with lower lvls but risk of party wipeout is higher

HH 1-2

1-2 requires a payment of 1 thouargute wood to activate + a certain requirement of a level of party leader ( 1 Twood per party entry, not per person ) There are 5 bosses.
Drops are lvl 70 mats and as follows.

Mirage stone -- 30-40k -all bosses
Colossus loricae -- 30- 70k -colossus
Complete tambour structure --500-600k -drum god
Fetch tentacle -- 200-300k -fetch
Ancient snake skin --600-750k -snake
Broken golden scute --700 -800k -armourer

Recommended party -- WB of around 70, 2 EP 65 ++ WF for luring, DDs

HH 1-3

1-3 requires a payment of 1 thouargute wood to activate + a certain requirement of a level of party leader ( 1 Twood per party entry, not per person ) Drops are lvl 80 mats and as follows.

Mirage stone -- 30-40k
Colossus armor -- 100-200k -colossus
Diligency Drum -- 750 800k - drum god
Fetch golden mirror -- 650 750k -fetch
Ancient snake blood -- 650 750k -snake
Solid gold scute -- 500 650k -armourer
*Incomplete sky chapter -- 1 1.3m
Golden armor soul -- 12-15m
Ancient snake spirit -- 8-10m

Recommended party -- WB of around 75 with at least 8-10k hp, 2 EP 70 ++ WF for luring, DDs

* These drop from random mobs inside of HH, collect 20 of them and u can trade for a lv79 skill book at 1000 stream city

COMING SOON HH 2-1 to 2-3 and 3-1 to 3-3

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Puni post : Holy hall (HH) challenge~! know thy objective~
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