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 Buying cubi with virtual gold

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PostSubject: Buying cubi with virtual gold   Tue Dec 30, 2008 10:35 am

To buy cubi with your virtual gold (in-game gold) you must first visit auction hall officer.

There you select PW$ trading

Now a new window pops up which looks like this:

At the top we see two buttons:
-To Buy PW$ (buying cubis with game gold)
-To Sell PW$ (selling cubis for game money)

Since we are buying cubis the default To Buy PW$ is ok.

Next to buy any cubis we need to deposit gold into the PW$ trade account. We do this buy selecting Deposit
The amount of gold we will deposit usually depends on the price of cubi, but we will cover that later.

A new window pops up:

In the lower slot we write the amount of gold we will put in our account, then click Confirm

Now we should see our gold in the account (in my case that is 0 cubi-coin 23094 gold)

The real trading begins now!!!

First we check the windows with cubi prices located on the left side of the screen. The cubis that are being sold are colored yellow and offers for cubis are collored in green. We are interested in the prices of cubis that are being sold.
We want to buy the cheapest cubis (duh!) and in my case that is 284.000 gold. Next to it is the number of cubis which are being sold, which is important if you are buying more than 1 cubi.

Now that we have all the information, we can actually buy something (yay).

To do that we insert the lowest price of the cubis being sold into the Price slot. Under this we insert the amount of cubis we want to buy in the Buy PW$ slot. All that remains is to press Submit

Warning!!! Each transaction is taxed with a 2% tax, wich means we will pay 2% more for each cubi than its price.

If we have enough gold and there are enough cubis avaliable at that price we have succesfully bought cubis. If there are not enough cubis at that price, our offer appears in the lower window with green prices, wich means we are offering to buy cubis at that price.
Another way to buy cubis is to offer a price we seem fit and then wait untill someone offers cubis at that price or lower, but we may have to wait for them.

A quick calculation of how much gold we need to buy cubis:
(price of cubi)*1.02*(number of cubis)

If I want to buy 3 cubis at the price of 284000 gold I would have to deposit at least 758880 gold.

OK, so we bought our cubis, which should show in the Capital in the Trade Account (in my case it is 0 Crying or Very sad )

To actually use this cubis we have to withdraw them from our trade account. We do this by clicking Withdrawal
A similar window appears to the when used at depositing only this time we enter the ammount of cubis. You may withdraw your remaining money if you wish to as well. There are no taxes at doing this, only when buying them.
If everything went smothly we will have cubis in our Total Capital

Now the shopping can begin Very Happy (You can open the shop by presing O or by clicking on the sunny looking icon below the map)

Happy buying

P.S.: Those daring enough could buy cubis when they are low in prices and sell them when they are high. Yep like a stockexchange only with cubis Cool. Just remember to make more profit than that 2% tax.
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Buying cubi with virtual gold
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