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 Being Mage and zhenning

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PostSubject: Being Mage and zhenning   Sun Jan 11, 2009 10:12 pm

If you are a mage and have tried to zhen, you know how difficult that can be. The constant aggroing of mobs makes surviving a flow hard. Specially pure mages have a hard time staying alive in a zhen. I have been zhenning with some mages who really did well in zhen and I want to share that with you all.

Magic attack value:
Because the damage output of mages outdeals the archers(or lower level mage) it's important to reduce the magic attack value. So you remove your rings and buy a npc lowest level mage weapon.

Stand spot in zhen:
You want to avoid that you are the only damage dealer against a mob. That's why you stand next or on top of the other DD. This way even when you aggro, you won't deal damage alone against the mob. This results in quicker death of mob thus more chance for you to survive.

MP hiero or MP pots?:
The best mage I zhen with doesn't use MP hiero, but MP pots. Using pots is cheaper than using a MP hiero, but you can not go afk.

When HP hieros a must?:
When you are the highest DD it's prolly wise to have HP hiero (try out first with HP pots if you are using MP hiero) and whe you are only DD then HP hiero is really a must.

Other survive tip:
Get decent armour with soulstones (HP or phy defense).

Note: I am NO mage, this is what I observed.
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PostSubject: Re: Being Mage and zhenning   Sun Jan 11, 2009 11:47 pm

Here are some other tips that may help out:

If your pure int:
-Keep roasting fire array low level (3 or 4)
-Figure out the damage of the other DD(s) and adjust your weapon accordingly to come as close as possible.
-Have a HP heiro on for sure and have instant heal pots on hand. The cooldown on a heiro is when a mage usually dies (own experience and from what I seen).
-Have as much +con eq you can get and put Physical defense in your EQ.
-If your in a zhen with a WR, ask if they can stun a good lure, this will help in your survival.

If your not the primary DD, you shouldn't have any issues.

For light mages, I haven't seen anything they have trouble with, but you probably have to adjust your weapon to meet their damage.

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Being Mage and zhenning
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