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 PK information

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PostSubject: PK information   Mon Jul 28, 2008 11:38 pm

When can I pk/pvp?
You have to be level 30 to be able to pk or pvp people. The other person you are attacking has to be above level 30 too. Your blue name (pvp/pk protection color) will change to white.

The name colors and consequences
Blue: protected from pk/pvp
White: pk'able, when attacked and you fight back your name will turn pink. If you don't fight back your chance to drop an item from inventory is 1%.
Pink: You get pink name if you were white and defend yourself or you attack someone and he fights back. Chance to drop an item is 5%.
Shades of red: You are pker now. For every person you killed, it takes 2 hours to wear off your 'karma' to get white name again.
Red name (1 pk hour) = 25% equipped item and 100% inventory item in the first row.
Red Name (2 pk hours) = 50% equipped item and 100% inventory item in any row.
Dark red name (3+ or 5+ hours) = 100% equipped item drop and 3+ inventory item drop.

If you click the red shield (a menu of mini map) you will see how long you will stay pink/red.

Do I loose exp when I die pk'ing?
If you get pk'd or are pk'ing and die you do NOT loose experience. You only loose experience when you die to a mob.

Death protected items:
- your fb19 weapon
- militairy armor
* replacement dolls protect you from loosing items.

Items to bank before you go pking:
- money: bank it, there is a bug going around where ppl dropped their money!
- fashion: same as money, you are not supposed to loose it, but there are reports from ppl who DID loose them!
- aviation: your wings, flying swords, flying pets and rides, bank them all
- books: crafting books, rancor quest books, etc.
* basically bank all you can not affort to loose!

Items needed when pk'ing:
- hierograms! Everyone has it (level 40 and up) and it will safe your ass a lot. You can buy hierograms from players or from the Item Mall
- militairy armor: you can buy thoose from Brook npc, she's near general Sorely at South Ancient Dragon City. Militairy armor is death protected
- your death protected fb19 weapon
- replacement doll

Random pking:
Random pking is NOT social accepted on Oracle. You must have a good reason to pk someone, if not you will end up easily on the KoS-list of guilds (Kill on Sight). So always think about a reason to kill someone. Good reason is a personal conflict, stealing kills, revenge, use your imagination.

What players hate more than random pking is random pking lowbies. You are supposed to pk people of your own size is the thought behind here.

This is why most pkers have a pk alt, rather than pking on their main. Why? Because leveling as a red name is extremely hard, specially if you want to level at higher levels. People rather not take a person who is KoS'd in their parties, because that is asking for trouble.

Safe Zones
No matter your name color, inside the secured zones you can not be attacked.

- Use the town teleporting spell after you pk'd someone to escape, because mostly the person who you killed will ask guildies and friends for revenge.
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PostSubject: Re: PK information   Tue Aug 19, 2008 1:17 pm


The term PVP is player Vs Player

This is just a correction because The "PVP" or "Duel" can be done at any level instead of the previous mention to lvl 30.

Just to clarify....
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PK information
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