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 The reality behind luring...

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PostSubject: The reality behind luring...   Wed Apr 01, 2009 10:06 am

Okay...I've seen many people with the misconception that lurers need to wait for the mobs behind them, not go too far away from them, and aoe on them in intervals.

Now, lemme share what luring really is all about.

It is basically a taunt to the mobs. You run past them, whisper, "You can't catch me!" in their ears while running, and sprint to the zhen area. The tactic is this : aggro the mob farthest away first...then run past mobs on the way, running all the time towards ur zhen. Try reaching the zhen area within 8 seconds or so, cause after that mobs stop chasing. If you can successfully do it, even the farthest mob will run into the zhen with u.

Now sometimes u might see mobs distributed equidistantly from the zhen. What you do then is aggro some of em, and gang em in a cluster, then use some sort of aoe, to refresh their attention to 8 new seconds. Then sprint towards zhen as usual, taking mobs on the way with u.

And one more thing, when the mobs chasing u see u in the zhen, that is, when they are around 6 meters away, u can run off to get a new wave, cause the EPs will take ur aggro, as u are being "healed" by them. Note that this works only when you haven't damaged the mobs in any way. This tactic keeps a good pace.

Basic's not how many u bring in a wave, it's how fast u keep em coming. Cause the DDs and the EPs need to use their fu's in zhens...and it's logical not to let them waste MP on no mobs. So be quick, and bring fast instalments. Even if u managed 3 at a time, bring em fast, and run for the next. Do this and you are as good a lurer as anyone else.

Hope this helped you guys ^_^

Happy zhenning! cheers
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The reality behind luring...
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