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 Godless Valley Event Information

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PostSubject: Godless Valley Event Information   Tue Apr 28, 2009 9:42 am

Ok... so what is it??...... It's a really challenging group event that can be entered through the God Apostle NPC in Thousand Stream City and/or Ancient Dragon City. To enter you must have an item called Hariti Tablet . You get these from getting a Mission Tablet from a Wolf Cub and handing them in to the God Apostle. You only get 1 per tablet and they can be traded.

In order to get in, you must have a full party and each person must have the tablet in their inventory. These will need to be handed to the party leader as soon as you get teleported in.

There are 4 different group categories that can enter and each category has its own tablet. They are as follows: 40-55[Hariti Tablet of Grace], 56-70[Hariti Tablet of Love], 71- 85[Hariti Tablet of Blessing], and 86+[Hariti Tablet of Mercy]. (The type of tablet you get from the God Apostle will correspond with your level)

After everyone enters, everyone will need to hand their tablet over to the party captain, as said before. The captain should then hand it to a nearby Goddess NPC. (40-55[Grace], 56-70[Love], 71-85[Blessing], 86-105[Mercy]).

The captain should then be given a Proof of God's Descendant. This is said to be able to summon an assistant from heaven, but it requires celestial beans, which you will get later on.

5 minutes after the event start, you can teleport to Joyous Valley (im guessing through npc) and collect celestial beans. You also receive beans for defeating each boss.

Reinforcements that can be summoned give 1 of the following: Healing Aura (hp regen), Mana Aura (mp regen), Defense Aura, Vigor Aura (vigor regen), and Attack Aura. These can be received after giving a set amount of beans to the corresponding NPC of the Aura you want (Im guessing).

There are 6 levels to each Aura. Level 1 needs 500 beans, Level 2: 600 beans, Level 3: 700 beans, Level 4: 800 beans, Level 5: 900 beans, and Level 6: 1000 beans.

Alright, now to talk about the hard part. You WILL be swarmed by lots of mobs (its a scarey/kewl site i might add o.o).
There are a set amount of stages for each type of group. lvl 40-55: 6 Stages, lvl 56-70: 7 Stages, lvl 71-85: 8 Stages, lvl 86-105: 9 Stages. Each stage consists of 5 waves and each of those waves will consist of 20 mobs. At the end of every stage will be a boss. You have 2 minutes between each wave, so the faster you kill then, the better. You have a 15 minute time limit to kill the boss, if you do not kill it within this set time, "the EnneadChild Hariti will die" and you will lose. If you manage to kill the boss, quickly rebuff before the next stage.
Now heres what ya get if youre awesome enough to survive the waves beat the bosses Very Happy! You'll get celestial beans, a good bit of exp, a Heaven book, and a Skill book. Skill books can only be gained by the lvl 85-105 group. (I think you also get other random drops. Im not sure.)

The best way to go at it is, of course, zhen style. There are some good strategies on this link, . They're mainly 85+ strategies, but it gives you a good idea of what you and everyone else should be doing.

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PostSubject: Re: Godless Valley Event Information   Tue Apr 28, 2009 9:43 am

We'll need: 6 pt members of course. At least 2 EPs and 2 DD for the 71-85 group, the rest shouldn't matter so long as their lvl is in the category limit. We're doing it as a fun event so the other jobs can be anything. I think we only have enough people to do categories lvl 40-55, lvl 56-70, lvl 71-85. Ill start a list based on the 71-85 category. Ill ask around in the guild to see if anyone wants to join or start any of the other categories. If 1 fills up, I can try to start a new list by the same category and I can try forming another group for it.

Day: May 2nd (Sat)
Time: TBA

EP: Kureix
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Godless Valley Event Information
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