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 Basic principle of Zhen

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PostSubject: Basic principle of Zhen   Tue Sep 09, 2008 6:59 am

1. Setting up a zhen party
2. How you start 'zhenning'
3. The job of the lures
4. Reason to zhen and the needed attributes

1. Setting up a zhen party

To Zhen you need:
- 2/3 lurers (WR/WB)
- 2 DD's (EA/MG)
- 1 healer (EP)

Note: before you start put PK mode off, or else you might accenditally kill people!

2. How you start 'zhenning'

The EA's duel the healer and must kill the healer with aoe spell. After the duel is done the aoe spell keeps continueing. The healer must not heal him-/herself. After the duels the healer heals him-/herself up and start the bubble (aoe healing spell). Mages can start their aoe spell without dueling the healer. Now you are ready to zhen!

Note: make sure the DD's and healer are set up in the right position. DD - EP - DD (an EA stands away from EP, MG's stand close to EP).

3. The job of the lurers

The lurers lure the mobs into the aoe's of the DD's. They basically run to lure mobs then run back to aoe and wait there a few, loot and then lure again.

Lurers use their aoe spell to aggro the mobs, they have to use their aoe quit often (5-8 seconds interval). A good lurer is someone who doesn't loose aggro on the mobs and can bring as much as possible to Zhen.

4. Reason to zhen and the needed attributes

Reason is simple: to level up fast. The attributes who are must are hierograms and miji's aka transedental scrolls (+50% experience).

Always keep in mind to make Zhenning worthwhile it has to give more exp than solo aoe leveling with a miji. Else it is just waste of your time and money.
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Basic principle of Zhen
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