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 Party grinding level 40-50 for fast exp

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PostSubject: Party grinding level 40-50 for fast exp   Thu Nov 20, 2008 3:02 pm

Location: Sundown town

Party build: 1 EP, 2 tankers (WR/WB) level 40-50

Items needed: EP must have MP hiero, tankers MP potions

Explanation and tips:

Party grinding is a variation of aoe leveling. It is a fast way to gain experience. The setup of party is 1 EP and 2 tankers, or better said: 1 lurer and one attacker. The EP must heal flying, otherwise he/she gets mobs after him/her when the lurer or attacker misses an attack. The tanker must use aoe spell to draw aggro (within 8 seconds) otherwise he/she looses aggro on mobs.

Do not forget to buff eachother, it helps a lot. Make the lurer party leader so the attacker and EP have a green arrow in screen and go the right way. That's so much easier to keep track of lurer. The tankers must stick together, otherwise it's impossible for the EP to heal them both.

I did it almost 1 hour and gained 25% exp. Even though I had to use a MP hiero I think it's totally worth it considered I hate DQs.
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Party grinding level 40-50 for fast exp
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