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 How to level without doing zhen (without hiero's)

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PostSubject: How to level without doing zhen (without hiero's)   Sat Sep 06, 2008 10:35 am

I've been told that this way is faster than with zhen (if you are dedicated)!

NPC name: Msgr of Reward Punish-Trumble
Location: 530, 644 West Ancient Dragon City nearby Eunice and Rosalind

Quest explanation:

1. Talk with Msgr of Reward Punish-Trumble.
choose "edict of Reward Punish"
buy a tablet your level (there are 9 different tablets each own level range)

2. Talk with Msgr of Reward Punish-Trumble again.
go to "relevant mission"
choose "Award kind Punish Evil"
choose the mob you want to kill

3. Return to Msgr of Rward Punish-Trumble.
Exp: ? SP:? Rep:?

Note: it's a timed quest
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How to level without doing zhen (without hiero's)
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